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Random thoughts from a recent grad. Consists mostly of misplaced hostility manifested as sarcastic smack-downs on people I don't personally know.

Thursday, September 28, 2006


I know it's outragiously hip right now to act like you give a damn about politics and the homeless and 'having an impact.' Seriously though, if all you're doing is spraying crap out of that Starbucks slurpin', vegan eatin', V.D.'d cake hole of yours, then please stop, nobody not many people like to be crapped on.

I'm also aware of how precarious that line is between fashionable caring, and the lamage of actually caring, it's such a hard life. Take heart superficial yuppies! No one has to know you really care, you can keep up your facade while still secretly DOing good stuff. Voting is a particularly easy thing to do behind the backs of that cow herd you call a posse. Click the above link, it'll take ten minutes and approximately 55ยข.

You may now return to your job/drink/sharpie huffing.


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