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Monday, October 02, 2006

Misplaced Nostalgia Part II

Yes I made it back alive from that mentally crippling blackhole that is Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I achieved a surprising personal record of getting lost three times in ONE DAY in a city I lived in for five years. I could be honest and say it was probably my own fault for taking navigator (read: bitch) seat on four hours of sleep, but I'd much rather blame it on the fact that all Pittsburgh city planners are hired based on their lack of common sense and sense of direction. In short, saw some friends, ate some food, drank some beer. Although, how I managed to cram all of the seeing, eating, and drinking that was accomplished into 48 hours I will never know.

I found it ironically hilarious to see all the hang-over victims schlepping their way in and out of Brueggers at noon, still in pajamas, and with no discernable sign of owning hair brushes. Their shear numbers in the tiny cafe resulted in the unique "freshman musk" permeating every corner. And in case you don't know, musk=stink here. I am such a bastard.

Some things I'll never miss:
-Subjecting my car to the steel plate covered, garbage/drunk student strewn, poorly lit, crater infested riverbeds they call "streets." Christ I'd rather break out the horse and buggy and take my chances on a dirt road! Here's a friendly tip, when a car hits a pothole and its passengers ass' leave their seats, it's time to fix the goddamn hole!
-The atmosphere of academically induced depression is not only palpable but highly contagious as well. By the time we left I just knew I was going to fail that Chem 2 midterm next week...
-The mysterious lack of a decent, all-night eatery on campus, and no 7-11 doesn't count you idiot!
-Furthering the cliched college student/waitress combo.
-Fat bitches in spandex.

Some things I never thought I'd miss:
-The relatively polite homeless guys.
-Making fun of the geeks in CD Warehouse.
-Hillman. Am I a nerd? Abso-friggin-lutely.

Some things I'd move back for:
-Uncle Sams
-Schenley Park
-Frisbee on the Cathedral lawn

Ah college, until next time...


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